Confidence : Overcoming low self-esteem, Insecurity and Self-doubt

Confidence-Overcoming low self-esteem, insecurity and self-doubt by Dr. Tomas Chamorro is a practical book that overturns your whole thought process and understanding of confidence. It is radical to think someone can persuade you away from confidence and instead steer you towards seeking and attaining competence.

Is competence a steppingstone to increased levels of confidence? You would have to read the book to find out or be left ever wondering which comes first, like the chicken-egg question.

Tomas refers and bases some of his argument to extensive statistical data, observation, and historical occurrences. Using this approach, he tackles the following chapters:

1.            Confidence ain’t competence.

2.            Taking advantage of low confidence.

3.            Reputation is king.

4.            A successful career.

5.            Social confidence and people skills.

6.            A loving relationship.

7.            A healthier life.

8.            Easier said than done.

In less than 200 pages, these chapters explore critical areas of life and will leave you with a deep feeling of awe. For instance, the confidence-competence cycle and the confidence-competence grid will help you visualize the steps that will propel you to your desired state of confidence or competence.

But watch out, he warns against too much confidence as it leads to the beginning of your downfall. Yes yes yes, I can also hear you say it ‘Pride comes before a fall’ and perhaps after reading this you are thinking about humility.

It can be hard to tell or even judge your own confidence leave alone that of others. Confidence, whether under or over confidence, can ruin the chances of people liking you and lowers your social, career, and romantic points in chapters 3,4,5 and 6.

You will agree that regardless of your occupation or profession (seeing that most people have jobs world apart from what they studied for) we are all sales people trying to sell our best selves to everyone we know and meet.

I take this opportunity to remind you today to put your best foot forward in everything you do. In the book this is magnified under the concept of sales called the Unique Selling Point and the works of psychologist Emily Pronin bias blind spot.

The book has accused most confident people as being deluded, do you stand accused? Are you confident enough to take our dare and read this book? Can we challenge you to find a middle point between feeling confident and actually being confident? What levels of competence do you have or seek?

Written by Wanjiru Njeri.

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