Purple Hibiscus

This time around we hoisted the Pan-African flag high whilst immersing ourselves in 200 pages of Chimamanda Ngozi’s acclaimed book Purple Hibiscus. Before delving into the book, I beseech you to read on fundamentalism. You will thank me!

I am afraid of summarizing this book. My fear stems from a suspicion that I will oversell and dissuade you dear reader from reading it for yourself. Because of this, I will dangle the carrot by using questions, to answer them you will have to read the book (smirks). But for context purposes, the themes in the book include;

• Religion Vs Christianity Vs tradition

• Extreme penance

• Civil rights and workers' strike

• Freedom of the press

• Corruption in the judiciary and correctional institutions

• Political unrest


1. Would you feel like you are competing with God if/when a man of God romantically loves you?

2. Would you stay in an abusive marriage?

3. How far would you go to protect yourself and your children?

4. What truly is your understanding of being ‘submissive’?


1. How do you assert authority without being a ‘simp’, ‘soy boy’, or ruthless?

2. Would you disown your children when they choose to distance themselves from you?

3. You’ve been accused as incapable of having platonic friendships, but can you?

4. What truth are you willing to die for?


1. At what age do you decide your own religion?

2. Can you distinguish corporal punishment from physical abuse?

3. Are there instances when the only option is to disobey your parents?

4. Should you avoid your parents and siblings because of religious differences?


1. Will you read this book?

2. Have you joined our book club?

3. Have you ever seen and held a hibiscus flower (of any color)?

4. How often or seldom do you read African books?

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